Notice 1656 Hour timeline here from Sergeant David Williams who entered the Watson home just after Paul Soentgen was videotaped by Diane Langan. Hey Lisa, the second camera was out before the Hideout Security arrived, which proves the Lisa Bennett pushed the wrong button so nothing was videotaped by the Lisa Bennett camcorder testimony to be a fiction, and which consequently proves that you Lisa Bennett and your father Jim Watson, and your mother Marilyn Watson, and your less fortunate sister Diane Langan are all guilty of a very serious Hate Crime, a Hate Crime that was masterminded in part by your loving husband Edward J. Bennett, an open ended Hate Crime that began on September 9, 2002, and a Hate Crime that was perfected on September 20, 2006 and September 21, 2006, a perfected Hate Crime that henceforth wrought a barbarous day after day never-ending nightmare upon the interracial Soentgen family, and Heather and Lauren Soentgen in particular, who continue to experience countless intensified sufferings.