IF YOU HAVE NOT PREVIEWED THE PRECEEDING (2) back-- EXHIBIT, 'here' the DA' PLEASE DO SO BEFORE PREVIEWING THIS VERY IMPORTANT EXHIBIT------Brenner realizes in line 4-5-6 that he cannot squirm his way out of his previous perjury, nevertheless, Brenner in line 10 to line 16 would attempt and fail at perjury again, when Brenner first tries to lie about any knowledge of the Watson camcorders or videotapes of July 10, 2005, but Brenner cannot help himself and is immediatley tricked by the sadistic Sam Stretton into giving up the goods, and Sam Stretton who secretly indicted all of the prosecution witnesses, and Pa. State Police perjurers, as well as the DA's in both trials, so Sam would have a get out of jail free card if these cases came to the light of honest law enforcement later.