"JIM WATSON APRIL 1, 2006 VICTIM IMPACT STATEMENT: See first security system bullshit ref; then Please notice the HIGHLIGHTED Trooper Powell reference and the Trooper Powell caution to Jim Watson that if anything happened on Virginia Soentgen's property, if a tree falls down, you (Jim Watson) will be blamed. That's right, after Jim Watson admitted to criminal mischief it would only be natural that Jim Watson would be blamed for suspicious activity on the Soentgen property. A simple property line dispute would not account for such a Trooper Powell caution. Also know that Corporal Vickie Sidorenko would be fired from the Hideout Security soon after the September 9, 2002 event, and the Highest ranking Hideout Security Patrolman, Lietenant Wayne Muir would gleefully inform Virginia Soentgen who told Wayne Muir that Virginia would call Vickie Sidorenko as a witnesss in a lawsuit against the Hideout and Jim Watson, and where Wayne Muir would inform Virginia: "You'll never find her!" However, this event was reported to the FBI in Scraton Pa., an FBI which now refuses to give the Soentgen family the letter from the Justice Department which states that this Jim Watson criminal mischief and NIGGER Slur did not rise to the level of a Federal Hate Crime, the FBI are hiding behind the freedom of information act formalities. PLEASE REFER TO THE 'SERGEANT' EXHIBIT, WHICH IS LOCATED RIGHT AFTER THE FORTHCOMING AND BLACKED-OUT (VIDEO) LISA EXHIBIT, TO SEE THAT VIRGINIA SOENTGEN REFERS TO THE FIRING OF VICKIE SIDORENKO TO SERGEANT DAVID WILLIAMS ON JULY 10, 2005, AS VIRGINIA SOENTGEN GOT SERGEANT WILLIAMS MIXED UP WITH LIETENANT WAYNE MUIR, THE WHITE HAIRED GUY, BUT VIRGINIA'S MEMORY WAS NOT SO BAD AS SERGEANT WILLIAMS WAS WITH VICKIE SIDORENKO ON SEPTEMBER 9, 2002!