This was no Property Line dispute, please carefully review the preceeding exhibit, 'Jim Watson' as well as the next (2) exhibits: "Freudian Slip" and "Slip-up," where you will see that Jim Watson has this September 9, 2002 so-called property line dispute etched in his brain, because this was no property line dispute, this was the ubiquitous racist Jim Watson getting a pass from the Pa. State Police for Misdeameanor of the 2nd degree criminal mischief and NIGGER Slurs, M3 Harassemnt, trespassing and potential Hate Crime charges. JIM WATSON WOULD ALSO SHOUT OUT TO THE SOENTGEN CHILDREN HEATHER AND LAUREN AS WELL AS HEATHER AND LAUREN'S FRIENDS FROM "NORTH PHILLY on another occassion:" "Hey, I don't want any li'l NIGGERS swimming in my part of the Lake!" THIS JIM WATSON NIGGER SLUR AFTER THE KIDS INADVERTENTLY DRIFTED OVER IN FRONT OF THE WATSON DOCKS, a Jim Watson NIGGER slur which terrorized the Soentgen children and their friends, and which inspired a phone call from Paul Soentgen to the Hideout Property Owners Association reporting the NIGGER slur and asking if Jim Watson owned the water in the Lake in front of his property, which the Hideout informed Paul Soentgen that Watson did not own, that no homeowner owned any of the water in the Lake! ALSO NOTICE HIDEOUT SECURITY LIETENTANT WAYNE MUIR REFERENCE AT BOTTOM OF THIS EXHIBIT AND HIS 12:18 SECOND CALL VISIT, A 2ND CALL FROM HIDEOUT SECURITY ITSELF WHO (SIDORENKO AND WILLIAMS) NEEDED ASSIST AFTER JIM WATSON ADMITTED TO CRIMINAL MISCHIEF AND NIGGER SLURS, NIGGER SLURS WHICH JIM WATSON WAS PROUD TO REPEAT IN FRONT OF HIDEOUT SECURITY AND VIRGINIA SOENTGEN....AND THIS LIEUTENANT WAYNE MUIR VISIT INSPIRED A CALL FROM MUIR TO PA. STATE POLICE FOR ASSISTANCE, A 3RD CALL!