This 1730 HOURS phone call from Paul Soentgen to the Pennsylvania State Police was recorded surreptitiously by the Diane Langan video camcorder, the Soentgen's got a copy of this felony surveillance from DA by court order, and Paul's actual and complete converstation with Trooper Tracy Coutts can clearly be heard on this Langan July 10, 2005 videotape, because Langan intentionaly set up her camcorder stationary and directed specificaly at the back door of the Soentgen home, and a Langan videotape where Paul Soentgen, while in Paul's living room inside the the private confines of the Soentgen Lakefront home, can be heard on the Langan videotape to say clearly the name of Trooper Tracy Coutts, and where Paul Soentgen informs Trooper Coutts that this is racial, and that the Soentgen's are going to be hiring a big law firm and this is all going to be going away, as well as Paul informing Tracy Coutts that Heather (daughter) did stop Paul Soentgen while in route to finish an errand and who (Heather) told Paul, her Dad to get home right away, which confirms Paul's trial testimony, and Trooper Coutts would also here confirm Paul and Virginia's trial testimony that it was the Watson girls who started the event via the Diane Langan "Fuck You Prank" on Virginia, the event was not between Jim Watson and Virginia, Jim Watson was not even home at the time the July 10, 2005 event started, he was on the way home from grocery shopping. PAUL NEVER TOLD THE PA. STATE POLICE THAT THY WERE NOT WELCOME ON OUR PROPERTY, THIS IS ABSURD, WHY WOULD WE CALL BACK AT 1739 HOURS THEN, OR EVEN CALL THE PA. STATE POLICE IN THE FIRST PLACE, COUTTS IS LYING WEASEL WHOSE DISPATCH NOTES DO NOT NEARLY ENOUGH MATCH THE ACTUAL PHONE CONVERSATIONS, AND PAUL SOENTGEN HAS THE AUDIO TAPE OF THE 1730 CALL TO PROVE IT!