The Pennsylvania State Police, in a highly discriminatory fashion, and for political reasons, had already decided to give the interracial Soentgen family "the business" on July 10, 2005 before the Pa. State Police even arrived on scene, as Paul properly observed in the background here during this Virginia Soentgen phone call to Trooper Tracy Coutts. But the Pa. State Police would have to wait until September 15, 2005 to file any charges against Virginia Soentgen, more than (2) months later, and only after the Soentgen's failed attempt to hire a big law firm, as attorney William T. Coleman, III, after (3) weeks of courting would suddenly inform Paul and Virginia that Coleman was no longer interested in our case (LAWSUITS), Paul and Virginia had no idea until September 17, 2005 that Virginia nor anyone would be charged with a crime for July 10, 2005. In the meantime, and totally unawares, Paul and Virginia Soentgen on August 16, 2005 tried to hire Philadelphia civil rights attorney D. Louis Nicholson, who stood up at the August 16, 2005 Diversity Seminar held by the Human Relations Commission and the Justice Department at the High School, where in a small classroom session, attended by Wayne County DA Lehutsky, who was seated right next to Paul Soentgen, Ralph Graph-director of the Hideout, Andy Falonk- School district superintendant, Karen Rivera-'the Token, the Pa. State Police state-wide public affairs officer, vicious Ben Lieu of the Justice Dept, and even Jennifer Brown, Virginia's paid off by the Pa. State Police and Hideout witness to the October 11, 2005 Bus Stop even, where attorney Nicholson would announce to all, and while seated right behind Paul Soentgen, it was obvious to all Nicholson came with the Soentgen family: "My name is D. Louis Nicholson; I am a civil rights attorney from Philadelphi, and I'm here to sue all of you." Nicholson would be Disbarred in 2010- and claim to be medically unable to defend himself to conduct board, Nicholson a good friend with Samuel C. Stretton; what a corrupt bum!