This Ben Lieu of the United States Department of Justice already was gotten to and corrupted by August 16, 2005, a Ben Lieu who despite plenty of witnesses, would viciously threaten Virginia Soentgen during the classroom sized meeting at the High School that Virginia attended with attorney D. Louis Nicholson and Paul Soentgen; no matter, Ben Lieu told Virginia her opinion was not welcome, that Virginia could get the hell out of the classroom, that no-one in authority was going to get in any trouble, that the Justice Department does not interfere with States Rights, Judges, District Attorneys, no Pa. State Police Majors, No Captains-Sergeant's of the State Police could get in any trouble at all, maybe a Trooper could get in trouble, but that's it. Ben Lieu mocked Paul, Virginia and even D. Louis Nicholson during the entire classroom give and take, and was no doubt already apprised of the situation that the Watson family, the Hideout Property Owners Association and Hideout Security and Pa. State Police were in bed with Edward "eddie" Bennett of David E. Kendall's Williams & Connolly LLP! This guy is a creep...PAUL SOENTGEN WOULD THEREAFTER COMPLAIN TO THE HUMAN RELATIONS COMMISSION AND THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT ABOUT BEN LIEU, AND THE SOENTGEN'S OVERALL SITUATION FIGHTING VICIOUS DISCRIMINATION AND HARASSMENT FROM THE LYNCH MOB, AND WOULD ONLY BE PATTED ON THE HEAD WITH EMPTY TALK AND PAUL SOENTGEN WAS EVENTUALLY GIVEN VERY RUDE TREATMENT FROM THE HUMAN RELATIONS COMMISSION ESPECIALLY, A pat on the head bullshit agency with no enforcement powers, a complete waste of taxpayer resources and a vicious fraud on the public, who just help cover-up Commonwealth misconduct at all levels.