PLEASE PREVIEW LINE 1 AND LINE 2 AND LINE 12 TO LINE 13 ABOVE, VIRGINIA WAS LEFT IN HER HOLDING CELL IN THE NEXT DOOR TO THE COURT--- WAYNE COUNTY PRISON during THE LUNCH PERIOD, WHERE VIRGINIA DID NOT GET ANY LUNCH OR ANY COUNSEL FROM THE VICIOUSLY CORRUPT SAMUEL C. STRETTON, WHO MADE SURE HE GOT HIS LUNCH, AND WHO (STRETTON) WOULD ONLY SEE VIRGINIA FOR A MOMENT AND ONLY THROUGH THE PEEP HOLE TRAP DOOR OF VIRGINIA'S HOLDING ROOM SOLID DOOR, AND WHERE SAM WOULD ONLY SAY TO VIRGINIA, AND WITH BOLGING EYE HORROR AS VIRGINIA IS SANS WIG AND BALD IN ORANGE PRISON CLOTHES: "Virginia, the Judge says you can represent yourself." And Virginia's only reply here to Sam: "Okay Sam, I want my wig!" This creep Stretton would thereafter leave Virginia in prison so Virginia's jailor's could prepare Virginia for the 45 Minute away Lackawanna Women's prison that Virginia was ordered by Judge Thomson to attend right after Virginia was brought into the courtroom for the 2nd time on September 21, 2006, and only for the record, and not at the end of the Lunch period, but after another witness had tesitified after Lunch, the hostile witness for the defense and Bus driver of Bus # 83, the loathsome and broken down 1 tooth in her mouth idiot Ms. Diane Meade, and when Virginia is brought in, Virginia is given the business by the vile Judge Thomson who cannot chance the Jury hearing any testimony from Virginia at all, and thereafter Virginia is almost immediately taken away as the racist Judge Thomson had planned, Virginia was not allowed to speak at all as the corrupt Samuel Stretton had feloniously promised, and Virginia Soentgen was then taken out of the courtroom and down the elevator with chuckling red-faced Sheriff's deputies who bragged to Virginia that they: "Liked their Meat White!" and thereafter driven by these vicious racist Sheriff's to a far away prison and made unavailable for her own testimony. Sam Stretton provided only this counsel to Virginia; MR. STRETTON: "I apologize to the court!"