Please preview Line 1 to Line 7: the pitiful assistant district attorney Pam Wilson's double jeopardy level prosecutorial misconduct injection of prejudicial race into this court case, which was done here in a non sequitur re-direct which was incorrectly blamed on Sam Stretton. This Pam Wilson a totally incompetent less than junior grade attorney not built for cleverly scripted prosecutorial misconduct or public corruption. Pam Wilson can be heard on tape being consoled by Samuel C. Stretton at the very end of the trial, where the corrupt Sam has to console a very uncomfortable Pam Wilson who is distressing in her role in the Lynching of the innocent Virginia Soentgen, and where Sam says: "You did a good job, you did a very good job, don't worry, this is a tough business, you did a good job." OR----------------DO DEFENSE ATTORNEY'S MAKE A HABIT OF CONGRATULATING PROSECUTORS WHO HAVE SUCCEEDED IN CONVICTING THE DEFENSE ATTORNEY'S INNOCENT CLIENTS? IN THIS CASE A MOTHER OF TWO LOVELY DAUGHTERS WHO THAT DEFENSE ATTORNEY KNOWS IS CURRENTLY IN JAIL AND WILL HAVE AN IMPOSSIBLE TIME MAKING THE $ 10,000 DOLLAR CASH BAIL REQUIRED BY THE CORRUPT TRIAL JUDGE, AND A CLIENT WHO WILL BE SENTENCED TO A LENGHTY JAIL INCARCERATION BY THIS SAME TRIAL JUDGE WHO THAT DEFENSE ATTORNEY KNOWS TO BE A RACIST BECAUSE THAT ATTORNEY SAM STRETTON ADMITTED TO HIS CLIENT VIRGINIA SOENTGEN HERE THAT SAM KNOWS JUDGE THOMSON BECAUSE JUDGE THOMSON CALLS SAM FOR LEGAL ADVICE, SAM KNOWS JUDGE THOMSON TO BE A RACIST, AND SAM KNOWS AS A RESULT OF JUDGE THOMSON'S RACIST ATTITUDE, JUDGE THOMSON WILL GIVE VIRGINIA SERIOUS JAIL TIME IF CONVICTED OF ANY CHARGES!