Please preview especially line 17 to line 18, an extremely important question and answer which overides every Watson family member who testified, Jim Watson, Marilyn Watson, Diane Langan and Lisa Bennett, who all perjured themselves under oath that Paul Soentgen did not get home until just moments before the Pa. State Police arrived at 1725 Hours, and not as Paul Soentgen had testified as Paul Soentgen having arrived home after Heather Soentgen intercepted Paul Soentgen during a couple of errands Paul Soentgen was running, and this Heather Soentgen interception of Paul Soentgen having occured a just a couple of minutes after Diane Langan's and Lisa Bennett's initial harassemnt and videostalking prank on Virginia, which started at 1651 or 1652 Hours, and Paul arrived back home and onto the Soentgen's 2nd story wood Lakeside deck at 1656 Hours, in time to be videotaped by Diane Langan's camcorder and where Paul Soentgen's says to Diane Langan: "Fat Cow," I see your camera, I am not afraid of your camera." This is part of what is shown on the Diane Langan CD-Video of July 10, 2005, and which was deliberatley hidden from the jury by Sam Stretton, the district attorney and Judge Thomson, as this 1656 Hours filming of Paul Soentgen with Diane Langan's camcorder, if shown to the jury, would have blown up the junior grade sniper Lisa Bennett's pushed the wrong button on Lisa's camcorder story--- and so nothing was videotaped by Lisa's camcorder on July 10,. 2005, and only after 20-25 minutes did we get another camera out, the Diane Langan camcorder, and only after Diane Langan somehow realized after all this time that the Lisa Bennett camcorder was not working. Case over right here and we have the tape, a tape that even shows Diane Langan's feet as Diane Langan can be heard to comment on this tape as Langan tries to focus her camera at 1656 Hours, while no Hideout Secuirty has arrived yet! BRENNER ARRIVED AT 1658 HOURS BY THE DETALIED AND HIDDEN TIMELINE OF SERGEANT DAVID WILLIAMS.