Please use this transcription with the Lisa Bennett Lying audio attachment Perjury on Fire: The Sniper Lisa Bennett's from line 14 to line 17 fantastic stream-of-consciousness estravaganza; no less than (14) answers given here by Lisa in one hissing tongue breath, and to just (1) Samuel C. Stretton question. Your Photobucket host Paul Soentgen provides a preview here of a much more comprehensive upcoming Exhibit for this Photo Array, and know that Paul Soentgen has this amazing Lisa Bennett babbling on audio tape, and Paul Soentgen has already started sending this audio tape out in attachment form to tens of thousands of the Sniper Lisa's fans all over America. Also know that Paul is developing a You Tube video presentation that highlights this extraordinary groundbreaking and perjurious my father was picking up the rice cakes; Virginia was on the property line; my sister was sleeping on the couc; and the 2nd camera did not come out until after the Hideout Security arrived and 20-25 minutes after the initial attack achievment of the Sniper Lisa Bennett.