It goes to ferns Marilyn, and then there are trees closer to the lake? Lying weasel! This is the gauntlet of Boulders, undulating ground, treacherous tree roots, rocks and stumps, pickery shrubbery and low lying Hemlock tree limbs that defeats all of the Watson family perjury that Virgina yelled at a not even home yet Jim Watson at 1652 Hours, a Jim Watson, Marilyn Watson, Diane Langan and Lisa Bennett claimed Virginia Soentgen was yelling at Jim Watson from the side of the Soentgen home, which they all referred to as the Property line, when the actual property line, or the "Exact" property line, could only be accessed through the gauntlet pictured above, a gauntlet which no woman let alone Virginia Soentgen in bare feet and with a torn ACL, would ever venture through to get to the Soentgen/Watson "Exact" property line, on the chance of seeing anyone on the Watson's 2nd story wood deck, where by chance a Jim Watson, who wasn't even home yet, was alleged by the Watson clan to have picking up the rice cakes! Virginia Soentgen could not possibly have seen a picking up the rice cakes Jim Watson on the Watson deck on July 10, 2005 because of the Soentgen/Watson home offsets and the 64" inch Watson Piano Room offset, impossible, unless Virginia Soentgen would have gained access to the "Exact" Property Line and 20' feet closer to the Lake to overcome the Offset sightline problems, therefore the Watsons are all caught in perjury once again.