PLEASE FIRST REMEMBER THAT THESE PHOTOS WERE IN COLOR, THE COURT HAS THE ORIGINALS! The bottom photo in this exhibit is the most important photo of our trial exhibit photos that were hidden from the jury by the diabolical Samuel Stretton. Even from the Soentgen's lower level, or 1st story wood deck, it would have been impossible for Virginia Soentgen to see a Picking up the Rice Cakes Jim Watson, never mind from the side of the Soentgen home which Lisa Benentt and Marilyn Watson described as the Property Line. How could Virginia Soentgen have seen a picking up the rice cakes Jim Watson on the middle of the Waton's 2nd story wood deck when the view is completely blocked by the Watson's 64" inch Piano Room Offset and Soentgen/Watson architectural Offsets and 36" inch high completely latticed railing of the Watson wood deck, never mind the intense Hemlock and Hop Buckhorn tree vegetation, large Maple tree trunks, and the intense Forthsythia shrub vegetation. Sam hid these photos from the jury to help convict his very own client, the innocent Virginia Soentgen. Sam Stretton kept both the Watson case and Bus Stop juries completely in the dark as far as photographs of both areas, so the Watsons and Donna Collins and her perjuring friends and co-workers could committ material geographic perjury without a hitch.