The Soentgen/Watson home Offset, and the Watson's 64" inch Piano Room Offset view blockage that should have been explained and shown to the jury by the corrupt monster Samuel C. Stretton, but which were never shown to the jury, and instead only shown to the Watson's on the witness stand and horizontally, so the jury could not see these photos. Paul Soentgen had originally prepared these Photos in series starting from the Soentgen's lakeside wood deck, running up the Soentgen Lakeside gravel walk and up to the Soentgen lower lever wood deck, and also showing the vegetation block from the Soentgen's 2nd story wood deck, notwithstanding showing the Piano Room Offsets and the Soentgen/Watson home offsets. A slick Sam Stretton can clearly be heard on the trial audio dismantling the Photo Array that Paul Soentgen had stapled to Poster board, a Paul Soentgen who heavily stapled together these photos in series on a sheet of cardboard in the West Chester office of Samuel C. Stretton on Saturday August 25, 2006, during the "Detective Dave Palma" mmeting in Sam's Office, the same meeting where Samuel C. Stretton imprudently read to Virginia and Paul Soentgen from Sam's unedited version of discovery the October 11, 2005 Pa. State Police Corporal Mark Kaye investigation report, where Sam read verbatim: ""The Soentgen's do not want anyone arrested as the Soentgen's said that they feel jail is overused and a waste of lives and the Soentgen's will only pursue matterrs in civil court." A Corporal Mark Kaye report that was hidden from the jury by Sam "NO QUESTIONS" Stretton, who saw to it taht Virginia was convicted of False Police Report and sentenenced to 1 Month to 1 Year in Prison for same. The Photo removal by Sam from this Poster board made a very distinct sound: "SNAPPP! SNAPPP! SNAPPP! as the Photos are torn from their staple harnesses.