Please read line 18 to line 25; Marilyn: "No I don't recall that;" Marilyn Watson and Lisa Bennett would both be asked right out of the box on cross examination if either saw any Soentgen family member down at the Lake at any time in the afternoon of Sunday July 10, 2005, and both Marilyn and Lisa would lie that no Watson family member had seen any Soentgen family member down at the Lake at any time in the afternoon, 90 DEGREES OUT, Paul and Virginia played their radio Lakeside, (THE WATSON'S HATED MUSIC!) and Heather and Lauren Soentgen 2 docks over all afternoon, preposterous perjury here from Marilyn and Lisa to help support Virginia came from street side of house down along the property line to yell at a picking up the rice cakes Jim Watson, and who could not possibly have been seen by Virginia Soentgen at all from the property line unless Virginia could have managed to penetrate the gauntlet. The Watson's Piano Room offset totally blocks any view at all of the Watson's rear deck from the side of the Soentgen house, and Diane Langan's very own words in our upcoming exhibit: "Refuted here" show that Virginia was on the lower level or 1st story deck of the Soentgen home after making Virginia's way up the 3/4" inch course gravel pathway from the Soentegn docks at the lake after being harassed first by Langan and then video-stalked by Lisa Bennett, a Lisa Bennett who came down the stairs of the Watson's 2nd story wood deck to videotape Virginia's reaction to Diane Langan's "Fuck You" prank, not on the property line, and therefore Virginia could never have seen a not even home yet Jim Watson picking up rice cakes had Virginia come from the side of the Soentgen home and along the property line to yell at Jim Watson. Case Closed...Verify with the previous exhibits: "Soentgen Lakeside Yard Map!"AND NOR COULD HAVE VIRGINIA SEEN A PICKING UP THE RICE CAKES JIM WATSON FROM THE SOENTGEN LOWER LEVEL DECK, IMPOSSIBLE! Please go back and look at the Photos Sam "the Leadite" Stretton hid from the jury, Case Closed!