Look at line 6 and line 7, Marilyn: "it goes to ferns and then there are trees down closer to the Lake, there was nothing blocking there where she was on her property;" are you kidding me Marilyn, you only got away with this fantasitic perjury with the help of the Edward "eddie" Bennett compromised and co-conspirator with the district attorney and Judge Harold A. Thomson Samuel C. Stretton, who hid the Saturday August 25, 2006 prepared and heavily stapled together personally by Paul Soentgen in the West Chester Pa. office of Samuel C. Stretton poster board Photo Array of the Soentgen/Watson Lake side yard tree vegetation block which Paul photographed in series starting at the Soentgen wood deck down at the Lake, and where Paul went up the gravel path to the Soentgen lower level wood deck and then Paul took photos of the vegetation as it affects the view from the Soentgen's 2nd story wood deck, demonstrative evidence that would make Melvin Belli proud. Samuel C. Stretton can be heard on the trial audio to be loudly dismantling the staples of Paul's Photo Array, SNAPPP! SNAPPP! SNAPPP! so Sam could show individual photos horizontally to the Watson's on the witness stand, no jury got to see shit; One more time Marilyn: "She had walked down around the side of our house very clear, there was nothing blocking there;" Marilyn: your age is no bar to prosecution for your sorry participation in this vicous all consumming and devastating for the interracial Soentgen family Hate Crime.