Line 8 to line 11, a line 11 where Lisa Bennett clings to the property line nonsense, a property line nonsense that just now after reading Marilyn Watson's perjurious testimony (2 exhibits back: "Property line") with respect to the property line makes it clear to Paul Soentgen that the Watson's never claimed that Virginia Soentgen ever negotiated the Boulder Gauntlet to get to the Property line proper, or "EXACT" property line, no, Marilyn Watson and Lisa Bennett are just referring to the side of the Soentgen home as the so-called property line, not the "EXACT" property line which could only be accessed through the gauntlet, and therefore, both Marilyn and Lisa are caught here dead-to-rights in fatal perjury, as the Soentgen Lakeside yard Map proves, as well as the Hagakure photos and photos of the Watson Piano Room offset and MOST ESPECIALLY OUR HIDDEN TRIAL EXHIBIT PHOTOS prove that Virginia Soentgen could not have possibly even seen anyone at all on the Watson back deck from the side (inexact Property line) of the Soentgen home, for Virginia to see anyone or they Virginia would be a physical impossibilty, Virginia could not have seen a Jim Watson picking up rice cakes unless Virginia would have been half way down the Soentgen gravel walk down to the Lake. A picking up rice cakes at the Watson's 2nd story deck table Jim Watson would be totally blocked from view by the Watson's 64" inch Piano Room Offset, nothwithstanding the OFFSET positions of the Soentgen/Watson homes. And notice that Lisa admits that Virginia was not on her parents property, if Virginia had been on the "EXACT" property line Lisa could have alleged Virginia was on her partents property. Lisa, your pitiful husband Edward "eddie" Bennett working at David E. Kendall's Williams & Connolly LLP is no bar to your prosecution for your participation in this vicious Hate Crime against the entire interracial Soentgen family.