A righteously angry Paul and Virginia Soentgen called a stalking and videostalking and harassing and less fortunate Diane Langan a "Fat Cow," at 1656 HOURS, not a Fat Dyke, just another example of a phony prosecution witness and an actual criminal perpetrator embellishing the authentic language; but more importantly, right here the Sniper Lisa Bennett follower and less fortunate Diane Langan confirms what you will see in the preceeding exhibit: "Video DNA", that Diane Langan was videtaping at 1656 HOURS and a moment prior to Hideout Security Sergeant David Williams's arrival within the Watson home to take the statement of Diane Langan above. Case Closed on the Lisa Bennnett pushed the wrong button on the Lisa Bennett camcorder story (Did Lisa Bennett actually use the Langan camcorder? probably) and so nothing was videotaped by the Bennett camcorder, as Diane Langan and Lisa Benentt would perjure themselves at trial that Diane Langan brought out the so-called Langan camcorder (actually Jim Watson camcorder) only once and only after somehow Diane Langan, 20 to 25 minutes after the initial 1652 Hour Lisa Bennett/Langan harassment and videostalking criminal prank on a down at the Soentgen docks and minding her own business Virginia Soentgen, realized that the Lisa Bennett camcorder was not working. Please see next (2) exhibits which also prove the case. This "Pushed the wrong button" cover story to cover-up the fact that Lisa Bennett did successfully videotape Virginia Soentgen's reaction to the Diane Langan "Fuck You" prank and while Lisa Bennett was on the ground level to film this Virginia Soentgen reaction, which means Lisa Bennett and Diane Langan are Guilty of Harassemnt, Stalking, Perjury and Conspiracy, and therefore Lisa and Diane ar also Guilty of a years of torture for the Soentgen family Hate Crime! THIS DIANE LANGAN WAS NOT SLEEPING ON THE COUCH NO MORE THAN JIM WATSON WAS PICKING UP THE RICE CAKES AND LISA BENNETT PUSHED THE WRONG BUTTON!