Line 19 to Line 24 says it all, and a fantasitc (3) weeks prior to the bogus July 10, 2005 Lisa Bennett/Diane Langan videocamcorder stalking and harassment criminal prank on a minding her own business at the Soentgen docks Virginia Soentgen. Paul Soentgen would reveal to Judge Thomas at this June 16, 2005 Hearing much damning information on the Wayne County Lynch Mob, including Frank Collins's drug dealing, Pa. State Police misconduct on the part of Trooper Corey Tyler and Trooper Sharon Palmer Wilkins, Jim Watson's criminal mischiefs including the September 9, 2002 Landscape lighting and NIGGER slur event, and the Jim Watson "I don't want any li'l Niggers swimming in my part of the Lake" event. And Paul provided many examples of how the interracial Soentgen family was targeted for vicious discrimination and harassment by the Pa. State Police and Hideout Security and Hideout Property Owners Association, as well as being targeted for vicious discrimination by Magistrate Judge's Jane E. Farrell and Bonnie Carney, notwithstanding Paul explaining to Judge Thomas the Paul Soentgen Jr. - Sue and Police officer Bill Delaney crimes against the interracial Soentgen family, including misappropriation of corporate assets and the corrupt compromising of Paul and Virginia Soentgen's woeful bankruptcy attorney Tom Jones. Paul sent a copy of this June 16, 2006 transcript to Tom Lestrange of the Wayne County detectives in the DA' office on the suggestion of former State Senator Lemmond, a very bad idea, that helped inspire the Wayne County Lynch Mob to bring these dreadful court cases agaisnt Virginia Soentgen, to preempt law suits that Paul and Virginia had informed Judge Thomas that Paul and Virginia would try to pursue against many members of the Wayne County Lynch Mob, by turning a completely innocent and black Virginia Soentgen into a criminal Jerry Springer show contestant, a morally courageous Virginia Soentgen who is still being severely punished for staying with her sick White husband. PAYBACK IS A BITCH!