Please compare the Leadite scam video with the 697-2005 Watson case certified Notes of Testimony page 92 here, which has been cleverly edited by the court reporter of the Wayne County Court of Common Pleas; take a look first at the clever edit at Line 21 MS. ANDERSON: I'd like to see it your Honor------------------instead of the authentic panicking response of MS. ANDERSON; Not until I see it!----- Then please consider the over 32 complete and pretty much consecutive lines of missing dialogue and trialogue that have been completely edited out of this transcript record, including Judge Thomson's: So you're trying to prove a negative is that it? come on; let's go!----- and------------------------------------------ SAM STRETTON'S: Now you see why my son calls me a Leadite!----- (How would the court reporter know of the incriminating significance of this courtroom non-sequitur Leadite reference unless coached by Sam or the DA and to therefore leave it out of the certified Notes of Testimony) and --------------------------------------------------the DA LEATRICE ANDERSON'S: You can play yours! ------------which all add up to a fantastic Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice. ----------------------------------------------------------AND PLEASE CHECK OUT LINE 29, WHERE MS. ANDERSON'S TRIAL AUDIO WORDS ARE AGAIN CLEVERLY EDITED BY THE COURT REPORTER, WHO HERE AGAIN USES ------------------------------------------THE (inaudible) forgery, let us fill in the actual and incriminating trial transcript,; MS. ANDERSON: Your Honor, some of these when they're on rifle disc, they can't always be read by the DVD player. ----------------The Ms. Anderson DVD player reference changed by the coached court reporter to "CD player." see line 29-----------oops again!