From Line 11 to Line 19 we have (3) seperate Sam Stretton scams coming to fruition; ----------------------------(First), we have Sam's final keep Paul Soentgen out of the courtroom scheme, as Sam here on Line 11 and Line 12 will diabolically instruct Paul Soentgen to leave the courtroom and go get a waiting upstairs on the 4th floor of the courthouse Heather Soentgen for her testimony, so that Sam can pull off------------the (Second), the Line 13 to Line 17 "Stipulation" scam, Sam Stretton's companion scam to Sam's "Leadite" scam, and finally on Line 18 and Line 19 and solely for the benefit of the trial record, -----------------------------the (Third), Sam will offer to go out and tell Mr. Linus Myers to stop fixing the machine, by machine Sam means the courtroom TV/DVD player on wheels set-up, which never left the courtroom and was never the problem, Mr. Myers took a copy of the CD-Video out of the room so Mr. Myers and Shelly Robinson could try to get this CD-Video to work in someone's Laptop computer which they had set up on a table located just outside the courtroom, probably Leatrice Anderson's Laptop, and Paul Soentgen saw Mr. Linus Myers and Shelly Robinson successfully running the July 10, 2005 Langan CD-Video outside of the courtroom just after Paul had finished testifying, and by the time Paul came into the courtroom with Heather, Sam had already diabolically stipulated the CD-Video out of the trial. But Paul called Sam over to where Paul was sitting in the front pew of the courthouse and Paul asked Sam about the CD-Video, Paul said: " Did you play the tape Sam? Sam: We couldn't get it to work. Paul: Mr. Myer's is running it right now out in the Hall, can we bring it in now? Sam: No, we stipulated it out of the trial and the evidence is closed. Don't worry it's better for us! and Sam would quickly turn around and go back to his post as the so-called defense attorney; criminal!