Continuing our discussion on Gordon Zubrod, the great prosecutor of the cash-for-kids Judges, who in the case of NOOSE Hate Crimes against Virginia Soentgen, and felony court reporter editing, and a public corruption conspiracy between the trial court Judge, the prosecutor and Mr. Samuel Stretton to convict an innocent and black Virginia Soentgen, which Mr. Zubrod's office had extensive documentation of since March 2009, couldn't care less, because of the screw-ups at FBI Scranton ------------FBI Rick Southerton and Derron Roberts who gave tacit approval or worse for these crimes and then helped cover-up these crimes aganist Virginia Soentgen. -----------------------And this same Zubrod Hrrisburg office claimed after the Soentgen's May 4, 2010 visit with Mr. Zubrod that they had thrown in the trash the Soentgen's extensive documentation after US Attorney Martin Carlson left to become a Federal Magisrate Judge, and this Gordon Zubrod confidance man who proudly informed the Soentgen family in his office on May 4, 2010 that: "Wayne County is totally corrupt; I would not even drive through there." Except to visit your ole Marine Corps Sergeant buddy Rick Southerton at FBI Rick's home in Hawley Pa., in the heart of Wayne County - and right next to Honesdale Pa., home of the corrupt Wayne County courthouse.----------- FBI Rick has been operating under a powerful unreported conflict of interest as FBI Rick could never help the interracial Soentgen family, because FBI Rick lived in Wayne County and right near the courthouse, had a son in school in Wayne County, and Rick did not want to spoil his small town friendships no matter the terrbile cost to the lives of Virginia, Paul, Heather and Lauren Soentgen, and who now has the audacity to run for Wayne County Commissioner, a final evil approbation of this race-case holocaust of the interracial Soentgen family. Gordon Zubord on May 4, 2010 to Paul Soentgen: "Way to fight for your family." -------Stuff it Gordon! ----------SEE EXHIBIT: KILLED FOR IT!