This 1st Assistant United States Attorney in Harrisburg and former United States Marine a Four Star Jackass and Liar, who met for over (2) hours with the entire interracial Soentgen family Paul, Virginia, Heather and Lauren Soentgen - in Zubrod's Harrisburg office on May 4, 2010, where Mr. Zubrod would pretend that he --------(Gordon Zubrod) did not know who we were, and a Gordon Zubrod who would lie to the Soentgen's about FBI Rick Southerton (former U.S. Marine) being transferred from the Scranton FBI office to FBI Anckorage Alaska office, after Paul Soentgen was informed by Zubrod that FBI bully and Soentgen antagonist Derron Roberts was no longer at the Scranton office, and could Zubrod talk to agent Rick Southerton on our behalf to see if FBI Rick would be able to help us; this lying--- Gordon Zubrod who would admit to hearing the felony court reporter editing on the Soentgen's Watergate Gap trial audio CD that was replayed on Zubrod's desktop computer, but only replayed on this Zubrod's computer after Zubrod feined his inabiltiy to get this CD to work, (sound familiar?) and only worked after Heather Soentgen boldly left her seat and walked over to Zubrod's computer and made it work; another "Leadite" Gordon Zubrod who has argued international money laundering cases before the British court, who has worked in Romania, Uzbekestan, Malaysia and Switzerland, but who does not know how to get a simple CD to play in his desktop computer? this Gordon Zubrod would slyly give the Soentgen family his polite condolences on the matter of Virginia's court cases, that Zubrod, despite admitting to hearing the court reporter editing, said were a lost cause because Virginia was convicted! but who would nevertheless dial-up on the phone right in front of the Soentgen's a so-called great attorney for Virginia: Dennis Boyle, see back of Zubrod's business card, this number for Boyle in Zubrod's hand-writing, and a Dennis Boyle (US Navy commander) who would also give the Soentgen family the business, see exhibit: the riddle, and: