This former United States Attorney for the Middle District of Pennsylvania gets a promotion to Magistrate Federal Judge after helping to cover-up for monstrous criminal Public Official misconduct against Virginia, including Samuel Stretton criminal co-conspirator against Virginia Soentgen pursuant to the fraudulent court cases against Virginia, ------------NOOSES against Virginia, --------------NIGGER SLURS against Virginia, --------PROVEN FALSE POLICE REPORTS against Virginia, and severed and bloody deer legs and a deer heart in the Soentgen driveway and ------------severed and bloody crows heads on the front snowy porch of the Soentgen home; and so much more- Paul Soentgen is not claiming here that this Martin Carlson Magisrate Judge-ship is a quid pro quo, --------but nevertheless, the less than honorable Martin C. Carlson's is rewarded for gross misconduct in office, while Virginia Soentgen and the interracial Soentgen are rewarded with countless intensified sufferings, compliments of-------------------- look-the-other-way monsters like this Martin C. Carlson, whose --------------------------preposterous April 22, 2009 cover-to-cover bullshit correspondence here doesn't look to good when staked up against the evidence in this Photo Array, evidence that Mr. Martin C. Carlson was provided and in much more detail in one of the Soentgen's extraordinary 40 lb. box of evidence presentations, which included all of the trial audio with a tracking list directory and the July 10, 2005 CD-Video! AND MARTIN CARLSON'S OFFICE HAD THE AUDACITY TO INFORM PAUL SOENTGEN THAT MARTIN CARLSON'S SHREDED OUR DOCUMENTS AFTER HE CLEANED OUT HIS OFFICE, AS IF FILE SPACE IN A U.S ATTORNEY'S OFFICE WAS AT AN IMPOSSIBLE PREMIUM----NOT VERY LIKELY, some great person once told me, if you recieve significant documentation from anyone, never throw it out! notwithstanding Virginia's criminal matters still pending in appellate courts, and Martin Carlson's very own letter which ends" Not at present, not -------------case closed!