Despite a sea of evidence proof from Paul and Virginia Soentgen to United States Attorney Martin Carlson including all of the feloniously edited trial tapes and July 10, 2005 CD Video which proved Diane Langan's 1656 videotaping, Martin Carlson had the audacity to send Paul and Virginia his regrets, that Mr. Carlson sees no evil and hears no evil at this time, and did Martin Carlson get a golden parachute to Federal Magistrate Judge, a Federal Mageistrate Judge position which did not even exist prior to Martin Carslon's appointment, that's right, it did not even exist, it was created for Martin Carlson, why? ------------------------and why would a United States Attorney quit his post right in the middle of the biggest public corruption scandal in Pa. in the last 30 or 40 years? sounds fishy don't it? --------------------------------------------------And are we also to believe (according to a Gordon Zubrod office mate) that Martin Carlson shredded all of our documents, 40lbs. worth, and very expesively made, both in printing, paper and CD documentation? notwithstanding the extraordinary time involved to produce such documents---------------------- Marty had to clean out his office on the way out and there wasn't storage space in a Federal Office Building for a case that was still in the appellant courts?--------------------Horsehit!