Virginia Soentgen's most prized material and sentimental possession, her Tiffany & Co. "D" color diamond engagement ring, which Paul Soentgen gave Virginia in 1991, and which retails today at somewhere around &$ 34,000 thousand dollars, and Virginia's most valuable marterial and sentimental possession that was quite literally stolen by attorney William C. Costopoulos, who for the collateral of this ring, and for $ 5,000 thousand dollars, would file delibertely dead-on-arrival Petitions of Allowance of Appeal to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, both based on absure sufficiency of the evidence arguments, when Mr. Costopoulos had a sea of appeal winning issues including attorney disloyalty by Samuel C. Stretton, and double jeopardy level prosecutorial and judicial misconduct just to name a few. Mr. Costopoulos told Paul and Virginia Soentgen after accepting Virginia's diamond ring as collateral that Mr. Costopoulos thought the double jeopardy argument was the best we had; nevertheless, Mr. Costopoulos filed his fraudulent Petitions without any mention of double jeopardy or attorney disloyalty. Shame and Dishonor on you -----------Mr. Costopoulos, who filed the most famous double jeopardy argument on appeal in Pa. History, Commonweath v. Smith, which is the reason Paul and Virginia Soentgen hired Mr. Costopoulos. ------------------"Don't dare sell this ring Bill, we will get it back!"