PLEASE NOTICE THE ATTACK DOGS ON PORCH, LOVELY, AND PLEASE NOTICE VIRGINIA SOENTGEN PORTRAYED BY STRANGELY HORRIBLE GOLLIWOGG DOLL IN MENACING TRASH BAG AND POINTING AT A TOMBSTONE, NEVER MIND THE OBVIOUS NOOSES, AT DONNA COLLINS, counterfeit victim in Obscene language case number 2 against Virginia Soentgen, THE RACIST HOUSE OF HORRORS. Please know that Donna Collins's low-life husband Frank Collins would just (3) days after these NOOSES were constructed yell out of his window at a taking a morning walk Virginia Soentgen (Soentgen's street was a cul-de-sac and the only way out of this cul-de-sac named Roamingwood Court, was by this terrible racist roadblock, the Collins home right accross the throat of Roamingwood Court) and where Frank Collins would yell out of his window and to Virginia Soentgen in a drunken growl: "You're Head's in the NOOSE!" The NOOSES and Frank Collins's verbal threat Federal Hate Crimes both...never mind the despicable Golliwogg doll that depicts Virginia Soentgen, and in trash can pointing at a tombstone. Pretty specific racial hatred don't you think?