Don't Ask Don't Tell William T. Coleman, the first attorney Paul and Virginia Soentgen tried to retain after the August 16, 2005 visit to the Hideout by attorney D. Louis Nicholson failed to bear any fruit, Mr. Coleman spent over a Month promising to take action on lawsuits that Paul and Virginia Soentgen had wished to pursue against Jim Watson, the Hideout Property Owners Association, the Pa. State Police and Paul's racist and thieving father Paul Jr., and a William T. Coleman, III who was appalled at what had happened to Paul and Virginia, but who would be compromised by Stanley Tuttleman, good friend of Coleman's boss Danny Berger, and a Coleman who no doubt was compromised by the Williams & Connolly LLP connected Edward J. Bennett, and who after 30 days, and just a day or two before the Pa. State Police broght charges against Virginia on September 15, 2005, would inform Paul and Virginia that Coleman was no longer interested, but that Mr. Coleman would recommend his old buddy Jeff Wong from Pepper Hamilton, who now worked at Goldberg Wong Associates, to take up our case, and Terry Goldberg did meet with us only as a ruse to interview the Soentgen family for others (Tuttleman, Pa. State Police, Eddie Bennett) and to take our documents, sensitive documents that Terry Goldberg's office staff endeavor to steal on October 20, 2005, just a little over an hour before the Soentgen's were to pick up from William T. Coleman, III the continuance letter that Stanley Tuttleman hemself told Coleman to prepare, and where Coleman after seeing the lovely Virginia Soentgen, would ramble on about his love of oysters; much more to this story.