THE DA KNEW THAT THE JULY 10, 2005 SO-CALLED LANGAN CD-VIDEO REPRESENTED FELONY INTERCEPTION OF AN PRIVATE ORAL COMMUNICATIONS WITHIN THE SOENTGEN HOME AS WELL AS A FELONY DISCLOSURE BY THE PA. STATE POLICE, THAT IS WHY DA COULD NOT RELEASE THIS TAPE WITHOUT COURT ORDER, OR DA WOULD BE LIABLE FOR CIVIL DAMAGES-----Corrupt public defender Jeffrey Wander pleaded with Virginia Soentgen to forget about "the TAPE" as the district attorney had allegedly informed Wander that the tape was no good for Virginia, a crock, the small town public defender really just a defender of COPS & the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, what a business, and a Jeffrey Wander who was scolded by Paul and Virginia Soentgen after Wander had begged Virginia to forget about the tape; "WE WANT THE GOD DAMNED TAPE, MR. WANDER! and the TAPE that Mr. Wander knew well was Virginia's get out of jail free card, as the TAPE represented a felony perpetrated by the Pa. State Police and the Watson clan, and this tape should have been used by Wander and Stretton to have both fraudulent cases dismissed against Virginia, but a tape or get out of jail free card that would instead be ignored pre-trial, and then hidden during the trial by Stretton, the DA and Judge Thomson, who all (3) playacted to the jury their frustration with the courtroom DVD player, when all (3) knew pre-trial that the CD-Video would never work in a DVD player, and could never be shown in court to save the innocent Virginia Soentgen.