This July 10, 2005 carefully detailed timeline from the Hideout Security Sergeant and former police officer David Williams's July 10, 2005 Hideout Incident Report was hidden at trial, as was Sergeant David Williams himself, as the district attorney, the Pa. State Police and Samuel C. Stretton could not dare produce this timeline or Sergeant Williams who could have refuted the Watson's perjurious and preposterous testimony. Please note the time off arrival on scene (inside Watson home) of Sergeant Williams at 1657 Hours, after Diane Langan had already videotaped according to Diane Langan's very own statement to Sergeant Williams in the preceeding exhibit: "Diane Langan." And note time of the perjurious Gary Brenner's arrival at 1658 Hours, and note the exhibit: "Paul was home," to see that Paul was already at home the second the Hideout Security guard buffoon and bad perjurer Gary Brenner arrived on scene, a fact that again proves the extraordinary 1656 Hour timeline of the first (10) seconds of the all revealing adn fatal for the Watson's Langan CD-Video of July 10, 2005. Important; Please SEE THE EXHIBIT: "Paul was Home" located within the last (10) exhibits of this Photo Array presentation.