Hideout incident report which involved no less than (4) Hideout security personnel, and not one word about Virginia Soentgen in this report, just "someone" and "seen the persons" reported as the perpetrator, but the corrupt Pennsylvania State Police would the very next day and despite this report charge Virginia Soentgen as the perpetrator; this false charging of Virginia Soentgen corroborrated not only by this April 18, 2005 Hideout Incident Report, but also corroborated by the failure of Frank and Donna Collins to show up for Virginia Soentgen's June 2005 summary trial in this matter, and which altogether prove that Virginia Soentgen is sitting in prison, an innocent woman and victim of a vicious and corrupt Pennsylvania State Police - Wayne County Court of Common Pleas - Wayne County DA - Williams & Connolly LLP's Edward 'eddie' Bennett - Sam Stretton and the racist Hideout communinity in general - all of who just wanted to get that uppity Nigger on the Lake.