Donna and Frank Collins would be no-shows at the June 2006 trial of Virginia Soentgen for the preposterous April 19, 2006 pa. State Police charge against the completely innocent Virginia Soentgen for allegedly having thrown fireworks, powerful M-80's at Donna and Frank Collins Yellow Hummer vehicle. "DIS" circled above means case dismissed. SAMUEL STRETTON NEVER BOTHERED TO DISCREDIT EITHER THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE POLICE OR DONNA AND FRANK COLLINS WITH THIS VERY RECENT TO THE TRIALS FRAUDULENT COURT CASE, F. LEE BAILEY WOULD NOT HAVE MISSED A BEAT AND WOULD HAVE USED THIS FRAUD TO TOTALLY DESTROY THE CREDIBILITY OF THE PA. STATE POLICE IN BOTH TRIALS, AS WELL AS DRUMMING DONNA COLLINS AND HER CRONIES OUT OF THE COURTROOM WITH THIS CLUB, WHICH WOULD HAVE BEEN ADMISSIBLE BECAUSE IT SPOKE TO THE TRUTHFULLNESS & CREDIBILITY OF BOTH THE PA STATE POLICE AND DONNA COLLINS; Never mind the July 10, 2005 felony surveillance CD-Video, which represented a career ending felony of the 3rd degree crime committed by the Pa. State Police, which should have been used like a Hammer to get the Pa. State Police to drop both fraudulent court cases if Samuel Stretton had been an honest defense attorney, and not acting under-color-of-law to convict his very own client Virginia Soentgen; a Samuel Stretton who did not even use this CD-Video at trial, a co-conspirator Samuel Stretton who instead employed the "Leadite" scam to hide this 1656 HOUR timeline revealing CD-Video from the jury to save the perjuring and viciously racist Watson clan.