This June 2006 summary trial case against the innocent Virginia Soentgen who was charged with throwing M-80's at the vehicle of Donna & Frank Collins by the Pa. State Police who willfully ignored the April 18, 2006 Hideout Incident Report and charged Virginia with no evidence anyway to harass and terrorize the interracial Soentgen as part of the Pa. State Police's scheme to run the interracial Soentgen family out of Norteastern Pa., jailed, broke and destroyed! See disposition 'DIS' which means dismissed as Donna and Frank Collins, the Pa. State Police stooges did not show up. Had they shown up, Virginia would have no doubt been convicted in the racist kangaroo court of Magistrate Bonnie Carney, and Virginia would not now be out on bail! Why aren't Donna & Frank Collins in jail already? Samuel C. Stretton never mentioned this Donna & Frank Collins 'No Show", A SLAM DUNK CREDIBLITY DESTROYER AND DEFENSE ATTORNEY 101 DEVICE; what else do you need to know to convince you that Stretton was in on the Lynching of his very own client? AND TO DIGRESS, WHEN DID ANYONE EVER HEAR OF A WOMAN TROWING POWERFUL FIREWORKS AT ANYTHING?