Just 7 days before the September 20, 2006 trial number 1, Hideout Security Guard and phony witness against Virginia------------------Karen Gorman Rivera's husband Joaquin Rivera would commit felony witness intimidation against the entire interracial Soentgen family and at the very same bus stop where the October 10, 2005 bus stop incident occurred, this Joaquin Rivera styles himself a gangster, and ---------the 350 lb. Rivera on September 13, 2006, sporting a baseball cap worn sideways, and with gangster rap blaring from his sport utility's speakers, Rivera rocking his head in rhythm and mouthing undistinguishable words while glaring a violent menance towards the Soentgen family, would drive Rivera's sport utilitiy in very tight circles 3X around the parked Soentgen family truck, and Rivera on the 3rd pass would almost hit Heather Soentgen who had just walked from the afternoon school bus, but not before Rivera would shout out of his Sport utilitiy to Heather: "Get the fuck out of the way Girl." Paul, Virginia, Heather and Lauren were truly shaken by this experience, which was--------------- witnessed by an independent witness, a woman by the name of ---Kim Wiggins, ----who filled out a Pa. State Police witness/Victim statement, -------------------as did the Soentgen family at the bus stop about 1/2 hour after the incident; nevertheless, the corrupt Pa. State Police would only charge Rivera with summary disorderly conduct, BUT this all a Pa State Police and Sam Stretton ruse to get their mole "Kim Wiggins" in good with Paul and Virginia, a Kim Wiggins who would visit Paul and Virginia's home the very night before trial (1) with the excuse that Kim's boyfriend needed to use the Soentgen home computer- who never once looked at the computer and who only helped Kim spy on Paul and Virginia's every thought pre-trial for the Lynch Mob. Right Kim---------You're busted-----you despicable crawling worm! And of course----------- Sam Stretton never mentioned Joaquin Rivera to either jury.