The origin of Virginia Soentgen's fraudulent court cases are traced back to right here----September 9, 2002------This Hideout incident report is a forgery, look at the time completed section, where in the time box, the (0) has been crossed out with a (1), this to help disguise the actual time spent on scene by state police, who spent hours in the home of Jim Watson, obstenibly on the phone with Ed Bennett, becuase Watson had admitted to ripping out some of Virginia Soentgen's new landscape lighting, and where Jim Watson also admitted to calling Virginia a NIGGER in front of Hideout Secuirty while bragging that He (Jim Watson) ripped out the lights. But most importantly, please notice the name of the PA State Trooper in the Officer section right below the Arrived and Completed sections, the name of Trooper Powell, who Jim Watson mentions in Jim Watson's VICTIM IMPACT STATEMENT, at the bottom, where Jim Watson opines that Trooper Powell told Mr. Watson that Jim Watson would be blamed for anything that happened thereafter on the Soentgen property, "If a tree falls down etc.", yes, Trooper Powell would caution a guilty Jim Watson with such a statement, after Jim Watson admitted to ripping out Virginia Soentgen's newly installed landscape ligthing, PLEASE GO TO EXHIBIT "STATEMENTS" WITHIN ALL WATSON VICTIM IMPACT STATEMENT EXHBITS IN THIS PHOTO ARRAY TO SEE TROOPER POWELL REF. Jim Watson also aludes to Trooper Powell's visit in Watson's PSP statement of July 12, 2005, profound!