Please preview the very next exhibit: DELIVERANCE, where you will find that the defense's hostile witness, the (1) TOOTH IN HER MOUTH and desperatey poor and stupid Ms. Diane Meade's false Pa. State Police Statement, that was not given to the Pa. State Police on October 11, 2005 or even in October 2005, this false police statement probably was not given until sometime just just before August 18, 2006, the date the 16-2006 discovery was re-issued, obviously from attorney D. Louis Nicholson's letter (2) exhibits back there was no Ms. Diane Meade written statement in the original 16-2006 discovery, which Mr. Nicholson received from the Soentgen family on May 10, 2006 (the origninal) THE SOENTGEN'S DID NOT HAVE ANOTHER COPY AND NEVER HAD THE TIME TO CAREFULLY REVIEW THE DISCOVERY PACKAGE BEFORE GIVING IT TO THE CORRUPT ATTORNEY NICHOLSON, and please check out the exhibit above, the June 28, 2006 correspondence to Lou Nicholson from the felonious Wayne County School District Superintendant Andy Falonk to verify this fact, and-------------- check out Ms. Meade's trailer trash diction in the very next exhibit to boot; another example of the Pa. State Police utilinzing a desperately poor and stupid Wayne County (West Virginia---DELIVERANCE) resident to get that NIGGER on the Lake!