The monstrous perjurer Donna Smith's prepared statement of lies about October 11, 2005, notice that this statement is not signed by Trooper Sharon Palmer Wilkins, notice no faxing signature at bottom and clean page 123 number, which conflicts with faxed version of October 13, 2005 (Please see Green Goblin----"Faxed version" in forthcoming exhibits)and which differs in page numbering, and notice that Donna Smith reports that Virginia was screaming and yelling right out of the Soentgen truck, which is disputed not only by Jennifer Brown in the HOGTIED exhibit news story, but which is also disputed in the very next EXHIBIT statement of Hideout Security Guard Karen Rivera, EXHIBIT: "& Rivera PSP"---- who also reported along with Ms. Brown that Virginia was consoling Lauren Soentgen, not carrying on in any way. This Donna Smith would later inform Paul Soentgen after Paul Soentgen had served Donna Smith with a subpoena that Donna Smith did not know who Virginia Soentgen was, this on January 28, 2007, a foul creature and desperately broke creature who sports an F-ME tattoo on the back of her neck, (gross), but who claimed at trial to be unaccustomed to foul language---Her Native Tongue and Lifestyle; All the prosecution witnesses in both trials claimed their alleged discomfort with curse words, a JOKE, especially where Green Goblin, Linda Fitzpatrick and the Demon Meth Mom Donna Collins are concerned, "TOUGH BROADS ALL," and all the prosecution witnesses were desperately broke as was the Jury, who all gleefully took at shot at the NIGGER ON THE LAKE.