There is a saying attributed to Ian Fleming's Auric Goldfinger, "Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times it's enemy action." The Bus #83 School Bus videotape of October 11, 2005 was allegedly spoiled; the Lisa Bennett camcorder failed to record anything on July 10, 2005 because the Williams & Connolly LLP counseled Lisa Bennett allegedly pushed the wrong button, and despite large view finders, and the Pennsylvania State Police communications dispatch audio tape of October 11, 2005 fails to show up for trial and fails to show up even when the perjuring Super Trooper Sharon Palmer Wilkins is challenged to produce same, a Trooper Sharon Palmer Wilkins who was saved by the corrupt Judge Harold A. Thomson, and who was saved by Samuel 'No Questions" Stretton, who not only failed to cross examine Trooper Palmer, but a Samuel C. Stretton who should have asked for a copy of the October 11, 2005 Pa. State Police communications tape with discovery, which no doubt Sam did, but who would hide this tape, help hide the Lisa Bennett July 10, 2005 videotape and camcorder, help hide the School Bus # 83 videotape that a lying School bus driver Ms. Diane Meade was not even questioned about on the witness stand by Samuel C. Stretton, and lastly Samuel C. Stretton would hide the all revealing CD-Video made by the DA from the all revealing Diane Langan videotape of July 10, 2005 via the STIPULATION AND LEADITE SCAMS. The Math doesn't lie. AND ALSO NOTICE THE FRAUD ON THE PART OF JUDGE THOMSON WHO DELIBERATELY FAILED TO RULE AGAIN ON THE CORRUPT SAM STRETTON'S OMNIBUS MOTION VI, the preliminary hearing failure motion.