Lieutenant John R. Brown, "Rick," at bottom of exhibit, teh Bad Lieutenant, who lied to Heather Soentgen's face: "If any of my Troopers committed any criminal misconduct against your family Heather, I will see that they are prosecuted." A monstrous token of a man, who helped cover-up his State Trooper criminal misconduct in Virginia Soentgen's court cases, and Pa. State Police criminal misconduct against the interracial Soentgen family in other matters, because the High Command of the Pa. State Police ordered this misconduct, as Pa. State Troopers never committ criminal misconduct in mass unless so ordered, this is an impossibly rigid "Der Furher" Hierarchy. Col. Rick, you are a pathetic LIAR and a disgrace to your race, and a disgrace to all humanity, AND WHICH PROVES THAT PEOPLE CANNOT CHANGE THINGS FROM THE INSIDE, UNLESS A MASSIVE SHIFT IN THE PERCENTAGE OF HIRES IS FROM THE GROUP THAT HAS BEEN DISCRIMINATED AGAINST, PROMOTING A COUPLE OF BLACK TROOPERS TO SECONDARY LEADERSHIP POSITIONS ONLY CORRUPTS THOSE BLACK TROOPERS PROMOTED TO THOSE SECONDARY LEADERSHIP POSITIONS, BLACK TROOPERS WHO BECOME TOKENS ONLY AND SATISFIED WITH THE THRILL OF THEIR CRAB-IN-THE-POT LIKE SUCCESS AND ACCEPTANCE OF THE RULING MAJORITY.