October 20, 2005 continuance letter here from the compromised by Stanley C. Tuttleman and------------ David Kendall---------- wild Bill Coleman III, who was actually directed to compose this letter by a very shrewd Stanley C. Tuttleman after Paul spoke with Mr. T on the phone on October 19, 2005, and Paul explained how after (2) months of courting, Coleman and Coleman's recomended attorney Goldberg Wong Associates had left us high and dry. Bill Coleman personally handed this continuance letter to Paul and Virginia in Mr. Coleman's Berger & Montague office, just a little over an hour after Paul, Virginia, Heather and Lauren left the Goldberg Wong office and after catching the Goldberg Wong office staff endeavoring to copy of our extensive and sensitive records, a fiasco, and that is why it took Bill Coleman 30 minutes to come down to the Berger Montague waiting room to greet the Soentgen family, Bill was afraid of what we might say, and Bill did not at first bring this October 20,2005 letter down to the waiting room, Bill had to go back up stairs on the elevator and bring this letter back down after Bill realized the Soentgen's were not going to say a thing to Bill about what just occurred at Goldberg Wong. Paul had scolded the Goldberg Wong staff that they were stealiing our records for the benefit of Tuttleman and Nipon, and that if the staff did not immediately cease and desist from copying our records and turn them over right away, Paul was going to call the police. Much more to this story. This Bill Coleman courting helped destroy any chance of Virgnia Soentgen ever retaining honest counsel thereafter. Bill Coleman babbled about "Oysters" after eyeing up Virginia, what a character whose Yale Law school roommate must have made quite an impression on Bill III.