This a photo of the Soentgen's Hideout home's 1st story wood deck, where Virginia was met by Heather and Lauren Soentgen after Virginia made it up to this 1st story deck from the Soentgen docks where Diane Langan first confronted Virginia Soentgen, and after Lisa Bennett has swooped down like a mad vulture to then videostalk Virginia Soentgen's reaction to the Diane langan "Fuck You" Prank on a minding her own business Virginia Soentgen; This Virginia was on the 1st story Soentgen home wood deck with the Soentgen children while Lisa and Diane were on the Watson's 2nd wood deck corroborated by Diane langan's very own July 11, 2005 Pennsylvania State Police Victim/Witness statemet, which was perjuriously contradicted at trial by the sniper Lisa Bennett and her rude and monstrously evil mother Marilyn Watson; PLEASE, see this damning for Lisa Bennett and Marilyn Watson July 11, 2005 Diane Langan PSP written statement in exhibit: "Refuted Here" which is last exhibit situated near the end of this photo array presentation of exhibits:------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------Virginia was on property line by Lisa Bennett Refuted Here.