If Jim Watson was picking up rice cakes on July 10, 2005, it would have been "IMPOSSIBLE" for Virginia Soentgen to have see Jim Watson on his back deck, because of the 64" Piano Room Offset, and Soentgen/Watson homes being Offset! This Photo was taken by Paul Soentgen on the "EXACT" property line between the Soentgen and Watson Lakeside Yards, which requried Paul Soentgen to negotiate very rough rocky terrain, a boulder field, and pickery ground level vegetation. The Watson's all claimed Virginia Soentgen yelled at a bending over picking up the rice cakes Jim Watson as Virginia came around the side of the Soentgen home which the Watson's called in their testimony the property line, not the "EXACT" property line, therefore, Virginia could not possibly of seen Jim Watson; impossible! impossible! impossible! impossible! impossible! -------------------------------------------------------------------------Please preview the exhibits" "No Way Out" and "Soentgen Lakeside Yard Map" to understand photographically the Watson perjury with this property line business, AND ESPECIALLY THE YARD MAP EXHIBIT, AND PLEASE NOTICE ACTUAL LOCATION OF VIRGINIA SOENTGEN AND THE SOENTGEN CHILDREN ON JULY 10, 2005, JUST OUTSIDE THE SOENTGEN LOWER LEVEL SLIDING DOORS, AND ON THE LOWER LEVEL SOENTGEN WOOD DECK, REPRESENTED BY (3) CIRCLES. And still "impossible" for Virginia to have seen a picking up the rice cakes Jim Watson from the Soentgen's lower level or 1st story wood deck! PLEASE ALSO SEE TRIAL EXHIBIT PHOTOS AT END OF PHOTO ARRAY THAT SAM STRETTON DIABOLICALLY HID FROM JURY THAT HELP EXPLAIN THIS SIGHT LINE IMPOSSIBILITY, and Diane Langan's very own Pa. State Police statement to support the Virginia was standing on the Soentgen's lower level or 1st story wood deck in Exhibit: "Refuted here."