Please preview this exhibit: "Yard Map" and compare to the very next exhibit: "Lattice Block"---Notice that the Soentgen/Watson homes are offset, notice the gravel walkway from, the street side of the Soentgen home which goes under the Soentgen wood deck that wraps around the side of the Soentgen home, and notice that coming from the street side anyone walking down this gravel path must make a strong right turn to continue on the gravel path, and at this juncture is where the Watson's claim Virginia Soentgen came and accessed the Soentgen/Watson property line so Virginia could allegeldy scream at a "Picking up the rice cakes" Jim Watson, when anyone at that juncture in the gravel walkway could not possibly even see Jim Watson or anyone else because of the Watson's Piano Room Offset, which would totally at this juncture block any view of the Watson's 2nd story wood deck, Marilyn Watson and Lisa Bennett just claimed the so-called property line as along the side of the Sooentgen home, neither Marilyn Watson nor Lisa Benentt claimed Virginia Soentgen was on the "EXACT" property line, which could only be accessed through the gauntlet of boulders, protruding jagged rocks and treacherous tree roots and stumps, pickery shrubs and the low lying branches of a Hemlock and Hop Buckhorn trees, as well as Virginia in bare feet and with a torn ACL injury at the time, no way anyone would access the pure or "EXACT" property line, and Jim Watson was not even home at the time of Diane Langan's and Lisa Bennett's "Fuck You Prank" and harassemnt and videostalking of Virginia Soentgen. FINALLY, PLEASE NOTICE THE ACTUAL POSITION OF VIRGINIA SOENTGEN AND THE SOENTGEN CHILDREN ON JULY 10, 2005, RIGHT OUTSIDE THE SOENTGEN'S LOWER LEVEL SLIDING DOORS, ON THE SOENTGEN LOWER LEVEL WOOD DECK, NOT ON THE PROPERY LINE, which is verified by Diane Langan in our exhibit: "Refuted here."