Please look carefully at circled names in this map, where you will see placement of persons on given dates, especially take note of the seating arrangement at the Soentgen Lakeside wood deck on July 10, 2005, where Corporal Frederick Talerico was seated on paul Soentgen's left, and just (4) feet away from Trooper Corey Tyler, and where at 1940 Hours Corporal Talerico threatened Paul Soentgen: "If I see any disorderly conduct on those camera's, I am going to charge Virginia with disorderly conduct." Nevertheless, Trooper Tyler would show up for trial in place of the authentic investigating officer of July 10, 11, 12, 2005, Talerico, and Trooper Tyler wouuld perjure himself no less than (9) times in one form or another that Trooper Tyler had no recollection or any knowledge of any Watson family camcorders or videotapes of July 10, 2005. PLEASE ALSO NOTICE POSITIONING OF DONNA AND FRANK COLLING AND MARILYN WATSON ON JULY 29, 2008, WHICH IS IMMORTALIZED IN MISSOURA BOAT RIDE PHOTO, WHICH UNFORTUNATELY IS VERY DARK. Also know that Diane Langan in a stage whisper from the Watson docks and with Diane Langan's (2) middle fingers waiving at Virginia--offered up the "Fuck You" prank on Virginia on July 10, 2005, before Virginia tried to beat it up the Soentgen's course 3/4" gravel pathway (Virginia in bare feet, ouch) to the Soentgen's lower level 1st story wood deck, and where Virginia would be videotaped by Lisa Benentt starting half-way up the gravel walkway.