Please read portion after White-Out. Bill Delaney, the West Norriton Police officer husband of the woeful closet racist Sue Delaney, a Bill Delaney who informed Virginia who Paul brought down to the Mayberry on the Sassafras River, Kentmore Park, the first time Bill Delaney ever met the Black Virginia, that Bill Delaney did not approve of what Paul and Virginia were doing: Paul being engaged to a black woman, Virginia. And a Bill Delaney who helped load the truckloads of Soentgen Masonry's Corporate Assets, pallet after pallet of brand new flagstone 2" to 3" thickness snapped edge New York State special hand cut flagstone coping stock for swimming pools as an example, worth all told about $ 40,000 thousand dollars, which Bill and Sue Delaney sold to some unkown to this day buyer, to keep Paul and Virginia stuck 3 hours away in the Red-Neck Moutains of Wayne County Pa. broke, to destroy Paul, Virginia, Heather and Lauren, and a Bill Delaney married to the soft-spoken and sneaky racist Sue Delaney, whose sorry brother Peter Soentgen called Paul and Virginia in 1990, while Paul and Virginia were living at Society Hill Towers, on the 30th floor corner wrap-around window apartment 30G North Tower over looking the shipping on the Delaware River and the Ben Franklin and Walt Whitman Bridges, that Peter spoke for the rest of the family when Peter said: "We don't want any Nigger Neices and Nephews;" quote, unquote, which Bill Delaney seconded more politely upon meeting Virginia a few months later in Maryland's No Niggers Allowed Mayberry on the Sassafras, and which Sue Delaney, Paul Jr. and Margaret Soentgen and the rest of Paul's provincial and racist family have shown by their surrepititious involvement or tacit approval of these dreadul court cases and their total life-long abandonment of the beautiful Heather and Lauren Soentgen to have made good on their evil "We don't want any Nigger Neices and Newphews" or "Grandchildren" malignant desires; KILLERS!