Please preview the paragraphs after the whited out portion of the exhibit above. On October 19, 2005, Stan Tuttleman admitted to Paul to just having spoken to Paul's brother-in-law and West Norriton Pa. Police officer Bill Delaney, who along with Sue Delaney, Paul's sister, Stan Tuttleman admitted to speaking to on a repeat basis ever since Sue Delaney first spoke to Stan Tuttleman back in October 2003. This deadly poisonous friendship inspired a meddling and all powerful Stanley C. Tuttleman to compromise attorney after attorney (William T. Coleman, III for instance) against Virginia Soentgen, notwithstanding the Williams & Connolly LLP Edward "eddie" Bennett's role in helping to mastermind the (2) fraudulent criminal cases against a completely innocent and long-suffering Virginia Soentgen, and notwithstanding the ever present dreadful widespread affliction that is racism having a hand in everything here. But without the racist and thieving Sue and Bill Delaney and Paul's father Paul Jr.'s determined involvement to destroy Virginia, Paul, Heather and Lauren Soentgen, these cases certainly would not have ever been attempted: Killers! ALSO KNOW THAT THE SAINTED IN NORRISTOWN PA. SUE DELANY, THE ONE THAT DOES ALL THIS CHARITY WORK IN SOUP KITCHENS ETC. IS THE SAME SUE DELANEY, WHOSE DAUGHTER MOLLY TOOK IN OUR CAT MITTENS WHILE WE WERE STUCK AT A HOTEL in Plymouth Meeting WITH NO WHERE TO GO, AND THIS SUE DELANEY WOULD CALL UP AND LEAVE A MESSAGE ON OUR HOTEL ROOM ANSWER MACHINE ON A SUNDAY EVENING AT 8 PM, TO SAY: "Look out the window, your cat is in your truck, we can no longer look after your cat; goodbye." Lauren Soentgen got to the answer machine first at about 9 PM, and where Lauren first looked out our 8 story window, and cried uncontrolably for her poor forsaken cat Mittens, who also had no where to go, as our hotel did not allow pets. Heather's friend saved the day and took Mittens in on that terrible Sue Delaney infused Sunday evening. KILLERS!