Paul Soentgen spoke with a David Plouffe secretary at AKPD message and media, Caroline Weisser, who was very kind to Paul Soentgen over the phone, and who gave Paul Soentgen her e-mail address so that Paul could send Mr. Plouffe the extensive Paul and Virginia Soentgen e-mail press release, --------------------------which Caroline Weisser promised to pass along to David Plouffe, David Plouffe------------------------------- a University of Delaware alumni along with Paul Soentgen who never bothered to call Paul Soentgen, no college spirit Dave?------------------------------Don't know if Dave did anything with this info, but don't you think Dave would pass it along to the President? considering the Williams & Connolly LLP involvement, and Senator Arlen Specter -------------------------------------and Bad Senator Bob Casey's involvement; nevermind NOOSES!