Both of these bums turned their backs on the long-suffering interracial Soentgen family and NOOSES.-------------------------Paul Soentgen visited the embarassed Senator Arlen Specter office staff in Scranton Pa. in October 2009, and after Paul received the documentation that Senator Specter's staff had promised to deliver to the FBI way back in August of 2007, and this documentation in pristine un-opened condition, Paul boldly asked these sniveling snakes to delilver a message to Snarlin Arlen, and where Paul said: "You tell Senator Specter from me Paul Soentgen, that this case, Virginia Soentgen's case, is going to cost Senator Specter the election."------------------------------------And Joe Sestak's lie about what job Sestak was offered by Bill Clinton also cost Sestak his election, a David E. Kendall Bill Clinton connection which probably explains why Joe Sestak never replied to Paul Soentgen's plea for help. --------------------------------Shame and dishonor on you Admiral Joe, you're just another fast talking---------Bobby Kennedy wanna be; all hat and no cattle!