This Dennis Boyle another powerful military man antaganist of the interracial Soentgen family, a -------Dennis Boyle who is currently a U. S. Navy Commander and Jag attorney, who also has a private criminal practice; boy, do these military guys stick together or what? (see exhibit West Point later in this Photo Array) and this Dennis Boyle personally recommended as a confidance man ruse by Gordon Zubrod - - - who pretended to be concerned for the interracial Soentgen family, and a Dennis Boyle who would eventually meet with the entire Soentgen family in Mr. Boyle's Camp Hill Pa. office on June 8, 2010, and a Dennis Boyle who after being shown some of the Soentgen's extraordinary evidence of criminal misconduct on the part of Samuel Stretton said to Paul and Virginia Soentgen: I'don't need to hear the tape; I believe you." ------------But a Dennis Boyle who would make a second appointment with the Soentgen family at Mr. Boyle's office for June 17, 2010, but a Dennis Boyle who would fail to show up for this meeting, only to have his office manager woman come out to greet the entire Soentgen family in the Boyle waiting room, and to give the Soentgen family the news that Mr. Boyle was tied up and would not be available for this meeting as she handed Paul Soentgen back our 40 lb. box of evidence, ----------and despite the (2) hour car ride for a shell-shocked and hopeful Soentgen family, Heather and Lauren most shell-shocked, but not before this office manager had instructed Dennis Boyle's lovely daughter and receptionist Ariel to immediately leave her post and go to the back bowells of the Boyle offices, so as to prevent Ariel from hearing this vicious cancellation and the Soeentgen's reaction to this vicious cancellation, as Dennis Boyle's daughter Ariel is a student at Grove City College, the most conservative Christian College in Amercia, and Mr. Boyle did not want Ariel to witness this very un-christian and monstrous renounciation of the long-suffering interracial Soentgen family. Thanks again for nothing Gordon!