Bobby Casey, Corrupt Senator whose office staffs would----- viciously----- give Paul Soentgen the business, to help cover-up the Wayne County Pa. Lynching of an innocent black woman Virginia Soentgen; Wayne County, where --------------Senator Casey has a summer home on Lake Ariel (Lake Ariel where Senator Bob Casey would actually meet and speak to Heather Soentgen on a couple of occasions as Heather's boyfriend Cody Moyle's family are friendly with Senator Casey, Cody's aunt Margaret a Judge in Lackawanna County-Scranton country), Wayne County, home of Casey's Nigger Hating people, and to help cover-up for the vicious office staffs of Senator Arlen Specter, who also gave the interracial Soentgen family the business. --------------Good riddance Snarlin Arlen!------------------ Paul Soentgen in early September 2009 would visit the Scranton Office staff of Senator Specter where Paul Soentgen would pick up the evidence packet that Paul had dropped off to Senator Specter's staff who promised in 2007 to deliver this packet to the FBI, it was never delivered and----------------- was in pristine never opened condition --------------when this dreadful staff gave it back in September 2009. Paul offered then in September 2009 to this Specter Scranton staff ---------------that this case, the Virginia Soentgen case---- would cost Senator Specter the election. ---------------------------Was Paul right or what; why no visit from President Obama at the eleventh Hour for Specter in the Primary? ANSWER: the NOOSES! ----------PLEASE CHECK OUT SENATOR CASEY'S VEILED THREAT LETTER IN VERY NEXT EXHIBIT; ---------------"Bad Senator," WOW!